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M600 Helium Compressor

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Product Description

High Capacity Helium Compressor for Large or Multiple Cryo Pump Applications

Capable of supporting up to five cryo pumps simultaneously, the M600 helium compressor provides cryo pump solutions with a continuous, reliable source of ultra-high purity compressed helium to support either high capacity or multiple cryo pump systems.

Using reliable scroll compressor technology, the M600 helium compressor offers the benefit of low power consumption, low vibration and low noise in a convenient form - making it ideal for semiconductor, industrial, and coating applications.

Key Features & Benefits

Simple Installation and Maintenance

The M600 helium compressor boasts a small footprint with accessibility to all utilities through the front panel for simple free standing or rack-mounted installation. Industry standard connections enable seamless exchange or integration into existing cryo pump systems to ensure peak performance and reliable, continuous, long-term operation.

Flexible Configuration

The M600 helium compressor is available in air or water cooled, high or low voltage, three phase 50 / 60 Hz VAC input power. A full line of accessories and industry standard connections enable flexible configurations and peak performance. M600 is interchangeable with other OEM helium compressors.

Ultra-high Purity Helium

M600 helium compressors feature a two stage process that eliminates oil vapor from the compressed helium to avoid damaging other cryo pump components. An oil mist (vapor) separator eliminates most of the oil vapor and then an adsorber filters out the remaining impurities. The resulting compressed helium stream is guaranteed 99.95% purity – ensuring reliable performance of cryo pump systems.

Two Year Warranty

Our confidence in the robust, proven design of the M600 helium compressors is conveyed through our extended two-year factory warranty.

Full Diagnostics

The M600 helium compressors diagnostics include a front-panel water flow meter that indicates flow rate and water condition, dual pressure gauges that display supply and return pressures and bright backlit LCD to display error messages and record maintenance hours. A full I/O PLC interface is standard.

Safety System Monitoring

M600 helium compressor integrates thermal switches, fuses, bypass and relief valves into a safety sub-system that constantly monitors operating conditions and compressor performance to ensure safe operation.


  • Simultaneous support of a single or multiple cryo pumps
  • Available as high or low-voltage input, air or water cooled models
  • Convenient front panel utilities and adsorber access panel
  • Small installation footprint
  • High efficiency scroll
  • Full line of optional accessories
  • Made in USA
M600 Helium Compressor Specifications
Maximum Helium Flow 60.0 CFM
Static Helium Charge 240 psi (+/- 5 psi)
Water Cooled
Minimum Required Water Flow 1.5 gallons /minute (5.7 liters/minute)
Water Temperature Operating Range 60 – 80° F (16 – 27° C)
Cooling Water Quality Municipal Drinking Water or Better
Dimensions (height X width X depth) 21” X 17.25” X 19.75” (53.3 X 43.8 X 50.2 cm)
Weight 260 lbs. (118.2 kg)
Air Cooled
Air Temperature Operating Range 65 – 105° F (18 – 41° C)
Dimensions (height X width X depth) 26” X 17.25” X 32” (66 X 43.8 X 81.3 cm)
Weight 300 lbs. (136.1 kg)
Low Voltage Input 190 – 260 VAC
High Voltage Input 345 – 525 VAC
Consumption 9.0 kilowatts
3 Phase 50 or 60 Hz
Recommended Breaker Rating 30 Amp


Cryo Pump or Cold Head per Compressor Configuration Matrix
Oxford Instruments Austin

Air / Water

Air / Water

Air / Water

Air / Water

Cryo-Plex® 8 or 350 CS Cold Head 1 2 3 or 4* 4 or 5*
Cryo-Plex 8LP or 350 CS Cold Head 1 2 3 or 4* 4 or 5*
Cryo-Plex 10 or 1020 CS Cold Head - 1 2 3
Cryo-Plex 16 or 1050 CS Cold Head - - 1 1 or 2
Helix® (CTI)
Cryo Torr®-8 and -8 On-Board® 1 2 3 or 4* 4 or 5*
Cryo Torr-8F and -8F On-Board 1 2 3 or 4* 4 or 5*
Cryo Torr-10 and -10 On-Board - 1 2 3
Cryo Torr-400 and -400 On-Board - - 1 1 or 2
Cryo Torr-500 - - 1 1

*60 Hz input power required.